Obama Creates Task Force to Review Title IX Compliance

By:  Euphemia Thomopolus
Hirschfeld Kraemer LLP
San Francisco, CA

On January 22, President Obama held a meeting with members of his administration to review their efforts to reduce sexual assault and sexual violence on college campuses.  During the meeting, Obama signed a presidential memorandum creating a task force specifically designed to address sexual assault and sexual violence on campus. This comes after a year where complaints about institutions’ failures to comply with Title IX requirements were consistently publicized.  The task force includes the attorney general and the secretaries of the Education, Health and Human Services and Interior Departments.

It will have 90 days to recommend actions that colleges and universities can take to prevent rape and sexual assault and to respond to allegations; investigate ways to raise awareness of institutions’ records regarding sexual assault and sexual violence; and assist federal agencies in investigating institutions that fail to address complaints of this nature.  The creation of this task force indicates that institutions will come under even more scrutiny for Title IX violations in 2014 than they did in 2013.

If you believe your Title IX policy is not in compliance, we recommend you contact your legal advisor.

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